7 tips to make your cat drink more.

Is your cat not drinking? Get your cat to drink more with these 7 tips.

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Katten are "lazy" drinkers by nature. You can read here why: "Why do cats drink so littleAs a servant / owner, we therefore have the responsibility to let them drink as much as possible. Drinking a lot is important and prevents many health problems.

It is often found that cats with bladder stones and kidney problems should drink more. It is important that they also prevent constipation by drinking a lot.

Cats should drink around 40-80 ml per kilo of body weight. This means that the average cat should drink around 200 ml of water a day. Read more about this subject? You can do that here: "How much should a cat drink per day?Of course, other factors such as movement, nutrition and ambient temperature influence this. Wet food, for example, already contains moisture itself.


We have put together 7 tips especially for you that help increase the fluid intake of your loved ones.


1. Change the drinking water and clean regularly.

Make sure the water is fresh. Running water can help with this. If you do not have running water, it is important that you change the water at least once a day, in the summer that is twice a day.

2. Placement of the drinking troughs.

It is important that you do not place your drinking bowl near the litter box. Cats don't like it when their food and drinks are near the litter box. It is also better not to place water bowls near the food bowl.

3. Moisture through food.

By adding water to the food, cats also get more moisture. Preferably do this with wet food, this already contains moisture. Digesting dry food extracts moisture, so you can also add a little bit of water to it. However, it is important that the teeth also remain in good condition, this is reduced when the kibble is too moist. The best solution is fresh meat, you can freeze it if necessary. It naturally contains a lot of moisture and you can add extra water to it.

4. Ice cubes and other additives.

You can add a block of ice to your cat's drinking water, especially in summer. The drinking water is so nice and fresh, cats find this pleasant when they are hot. Cats do not cool through sweat but through their paws and tongue. It is therefore important that you add ice to the water on warm days so that they can cool down there. You can also add a meat or fish flavor to the water to make the drinking water extra interesting. Make sure that you have to change and clean the drinking water more often!

5. The size of the water bowl.

Some cats are annoyed when their whiskers touch the side of the water bowl. So make sure the water bowl is shallow and wide enough. This is often not the case with drinking bowls. If your cat drinks a lot from places like the tap and the shower, this could be the cause.

6. Several drinking bowls in the house.

If you have several cats in the house, it is wise to place several water bowls. They like to have a drinking bowl for themselves. The cat is simply encouraged to drink more often by using several drinking bowls in the house.

7. Set up a drinking fountain.

Drinking fountains with a pump provide running drinking water, which cats find much more attractive. Due to the current, the drinking water of the cat contains more oxygen and the water of the water fountain is always fresh due to the filtering of filters. Cats love clean and fresh drinking water!

Watch a video of Pluis doing it. Feel free to show it to your own cat (s).

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Drinking enough is very important to ensure good health. Since cats as pets are bad drinkers, we as a servant have a responsibility to make this as attractive as possible.

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