Pettadore Hydrate Ultra - Drinking Fountain


Cats naturally drink little, due to their origin. They used to take the moisture out of their prey. Now they depend on how attractive their servant makes it. The Pettadore drinking fountain helps you with this. Your cats drink 2x more effortlessly than from a traditional drinking bowl. This prevents kidney and bladder problems.

The drinking fountain is SMART and has a water reservoir of 2 liters, enough for several days. It has a 3-way filter system, UV bacteria killer and a pump that keeps the water bacteria-free and rich in oxygen, which your cat likes and drinks more. The drinking fountain has muted sound and consumes little energy. Useful when you want to sleep normally (if your cat isn't tickling you awake). The drinking fountain is SMART and the included app displays the water level and water purity of the smart drinking fountain. 


  1. Place several smart drinking fountains in your home for optimal stimulation to make me drink more.
  2. Make sure the pump is completely submerged when you start the pump used for the 1st time.

Customer Reviews

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Tom Hippe

Alles in orde.Tevreden.

Peter Wichgers

Als vervanging gekocht voor het vorige fontein.

Lauren Van Cantfort
Fontaine ne fonctionne plus

Un petit tuyau s’était mal mis à la pompe mais j’ai reçu une vidéo explicative pour le remettre en place et tout fonctionne très bien. Top SAV 👌🏼

Yvette Ramirez

Pettadore Hydrate Ultra - Drinkfontein

Rick Berkhof
Goede levering en top product!

Levering was gemakkelijk en goed. Product is echt fijn. Het geeft op tijd aan wanneer het water en de filters vervangen moeten worden en wanneer de motor grondig gereinigd moet worden. Het onderhoud is daarnaast erg makkelijk aangezien er maar een paar onderdelen schoongemaakt moeten worden. Echt een aanrader!

Pettadore Filter Ultra - Drinking Fountain

Pettadore Filter Ultra - Drinking Fountain

Pettadore Hydrate Compact - Drinking Fountain

Pettadore Hydrate Compact - Drinking Fountain

Clean and attractive drinking water

UV Sterilizer kills up to 99.7% of all bacteria

Modern and sleek design

App controllable

  • Water purity detection
  • Low water level notification
  • Replace filter notification
  • Timer
  • Night mode (dimming LED light)

UV Sterilizer

Kills up to 99.7% of all bacteria

3 Filter system

  1. fine mesh
    Filters dirt from the water 
  2. Carbon filter
    Removes chlorine and odors
  3. ion exchanger
    Prevents bladder stones, softened water and removes calcium and magnesium ions

Water level insights

Led indicator

2,0 Liter

Suitable for cats and small-medium dogs

App controllable

Receive notifications

3 Filter system

Clean and fresh drinking water

Silent pump


Water level notification

Stay informed

UV Sterilizer

Kills up to 99.7% of bacteria

Avoid bladder problems

Running water encourages drinking

Drink comfortably

Ergonomic drinking surface at an angle of 7°

Silent pump

Silicone inlay for a damping effect

Easy cleaning

Removable inner container

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  • App controllable
  • UV bacteria killer, kills 99.7% of all bacteria
  • Replaceable pump, long-lasting fun
  • Water purity detection
  • 3 Different filters
  • Water level notification
  • Water change notification
  • Filter replace notification
  • Good circulation due to strong pump
  • Muted sound & low power consumption
  • Night mode for LED
  • Easy to install


Brand: Pettadore

Model: Hydrate Ultra

Material: Plastic (BPA free)

Color: White, Transparent

Weight: 1220 gram

Measurements: 21cm x 20cm x 18cm

Sterilization percentage: 99.7%

Water tank content: 2 liter

Smart technology: Included app

Power input: DC 5V/2A

UVC Tube Life: 15000 hours

Communication: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)

Low noise: <40db

Type filters: Carbon, fine mesh, ion exchanger