How much should a cat drink?

How much should a cat drink? 

Jisvy Djelân
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Cats drink less than dogs and humans, because of their origin. Read more about this in this article: "Why do cats drink littleWe will explain to you how much cats should drink because, because cats naturally drink little, it does not mean that they do not need it! A cat needs between 40-80 ml of water per kilogram of body weight. 4 kg daily about 200 ml of water.

What about dry food?

Dry food consists of about 7% moisture when it just comes out of the bag. This number drops quickly once it is in the food bowl. The cat therefore receives relatively little moisture from dry food. Since processing the dry food also costs moisture, we can assume that it even extracts moisture. Fresh water every day is an absolute must!

What about wet food?

Wet food consists of approximately 80% moisture. Part of this is added water and part of the moisture itself. If you give your cats wet food all day long, they should be able to use it. We recommend that you also offer fresh water.

My cat drinks too much

It is also possible that your cat drinks too much. Do you see your cat regularly walking to the water bowl and does your cat drink more than the daily intake mentioned above? Then we advise you to go to the vet. Just like too low an intake of fluid, annoying diseases can arise due to an excessive intake of fluid. There are several causes that can only be diagnosed by the doctor. The cat can suffer from simple cystitis, but also from worse diseases such as kidney or diabetes.

My cat doesn't drink enough

Does your cat eat dry food and drink little? We have put together 7 tips especially for you that will help your cat drink more. Read this article here: "Does your cat drink too little??"

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Drinking enough is very important to ensure good health. Since cats as pets are bad drinkers, we as a servant have a responsibility to make this as attractive as possible.

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