Pettadore Air Eliminator - Odor remover


The Pettadore Air Eliminator is an important addition for healthy cats. The smelly and dirty place of a litter box is not healthy for cats. Ozone deodorizes and sterilizes, ensuring that fresh air remains in the room. Traditional filter elements are now unnecessary to mask the odor. The active oxygen decomposition process neutralizes and decomposes odor molecules, inhibits the growth of bacteria and keeps the air clean and fresh.

The Petoneer cat litter deodorizer is the cat deodorizer. The deodorizer uses ozone and can be charged. The odor remover has two positions. Due to the motion sensor, the ozone only removes odors after your cat has used the litter box. Or simply use the timer function. The odor remover is easy to charge with the supplied cable and does not require replacement of parts.


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  2. ℹNote: No adapter is included. You can purchase an adapter yourself or connect the Odor Eliminator to a power bank.

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Kaleb Berhane



Snel in huis en zeer tevreden

Charissa Van de Paer

De Pettadore Air Eliminator helpt echt bij het verwijderen van kattenbakgeurtjes. De eerste dagen moesten mijn katten even wennen aan het geluidje dat de Air Eliminator maakt maar daarna waren ze er volledig aan gewend en zijn we allemaal heel tevreden over de geurverwijderaar van Pettadore.
Ik ben dan ook van plan om een 2de toestelletje aan te kopen voor in de andere kamer waar de kattenbak staat.

Olivier Nuis

Pettadore Air Eliminator - Geurverwijderaar

Hey Olivier,

Ik heb je privé een mailtje toegestuurd en help je graag verder!


Lisa van Pettadore

jee wilthof

de bezorging was snel, goed verpakt

Prevent nasty and unhealthy odors

Innovative Odor Removal

Modern and sleek design

Inhibits the growth of bacteria

Triple ventilation design

360 Degrees: No Blind Corner

Fresnel lenses detect movement.
Activates as soon as your cat leaves the room. 

Sterilisatie en geurverdrijving

Remt de groei van bacteriën

Gaat tot 4 dagen mee

USB oplaadbaar

360 Degree sensor

No blind corner

Without filters

No recurring costs

Always provided

Power bank option

Dual mode

Motion detector or timer

Easy to fix

With magnetic sticker

Indicator light

Indicator off
Sleep mode

Blue indicator
Ozone is released

Blue indicator flashes
Ozone has already been released

Free shipping from €25 (NL and BE)
14 days reflection period
Not happy, money back


  • Sterilization and Odor Removal
  • Motion sensor mode
  • Timer-mode
  • No replacement parts needed
  • Rechargeable
  • No blind spot due to wide infrared technology
  • Long operating time
  • Long-lasting batteries
  • Power bank option
  • Innovative Odor Removal
  • Promotes health
  • Neutralizes any odor
  • Magnet attachment


Brand: Pettadore

Material: Plastic

Color: White

Weight: 53 gram

Measurements: 99.6mm x 51.7mm x 41.5mm

Battery life: 4 days

Number of modes: 2 modes

Battery type: Lithium 2200mAh

Suitable for cats: Yes