Pettadore Nutri Fresh - Automatic feeder


Many cats and dogs in the Netherlands are overweight. They themselves do not know when they eat too much. The smart feeder saves time by automatically measuring and administering portions for you. You only need to refill the automatic feeder every few days. The automatic Nutri Fresh automatic feeder from Pettadore prevents blockages by means of unique laser and rotation technology. This allows you to safely get away from home without having to worry about the safety of your dogs or cats.

The smart Nutri Fresh automatic feeder from Pettadore is a smart food bowl for cats and dogs. The automatic feeder has an app and a 2.6 liter dry food reservoir. The app offers the possibility to weekly eating plan with 0 to 10 adjustable feeding moments. je can turn a bell on or off at a power supply and a single power supply on additional distance. The automatic feeder has been developed in such a way that the feed optimum fresh condition remains thanks to a moisture extractor.


  1. ℹTip: Also check out the smart drinking fountain from Pettadore for optimal health of your pets.
  2. ℹCaution: Do not put any other products or objects in it except dry food for cats or dogs. Wet food is not possible in the automatic feeder.

Customer Reviews

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Laima Jonuseviciute

Pettadore Nutri Fresh - Voerautomaat

Danielle O'Mahony
Doet alles dat we verwacht hadden.

De levering was goed op tijd, het product was goed verpakt en het voerautomaat maakt ons leven gemakkelijker en onze kat vrolijker.

Sabrina Landman
Service, Product & Verzending is TOP!

Met de Nutrifesh is mijn leven een stuk makkelijker geworden, zeker nu er een kleine op komst is, is het super fijn dat het voeren van mijn liefste huisdier nu automatisch gaat. Ook vind mijn kat het super leuk als het piepje van de voerderautomaat afgaat, dan rent ze er superenthousiast naar toe. Ik ben er helemaal blij mee!! Ohja en als ik haar extra wil verwennen dan druk ik even op de knop in mijn app op de telefoon en dan gaat het voederen ook weer automatisch.

Valere Vandijck

Pettadore Nutri Fresh - Voerautomaat

Ge Molleman

Ideaal apparaat was goed verpakt snelle levering helemaal top ben er erg tevreden mee.

Avoid dried out or moldy food

With desiccant compartment and silicone seal

Modern and sleek design

App controllable

  • Weekly Nutrition Plan
  • Low food stock notification
  • Food surplus notification
  • Food notification
  • Disable/Enable power bell

Prevent overweight

Feed per portion and/or on schedule

No dried out or moldy food

Silicone sealing ring
Slows down oxidation of the feed

Desiccant compartment
Helps to dehumidify

Extra security in the event of a power failure

Possibility of backup batteries 

2,6 Liter

Provides ± 15 days

App controllable

Receive notifications

Nutrition plan

Weekly plans at day level

Backup power bank or batteries

Safe away from home

Keep fresh compartment

Avoid dried out or moldy food


By means of lasers and a special rotation technique

Veilig weg van huis

1. Vulniveau sensor
Waarschuwing bij tekort

2. Naadloze aansluiting
Voorkomt vastlopen

3. Terugdraai functie
Voorkomt verstopping

Easy cleaning

Animal-safe closure

Open at the touch of a button


Provides ± 15 days

Capacity 2.6 liters

Free shipping from €25 (NL and BE)
14 days reflection period
Not happy, money back


  • App controllable
  • Moisture extractor for optimal preservation of taste and freshness
  • Weekly nutrition plan in the app
  • Nutrition notification
  • Too much food notification
  • Almost empty notification
  • Clogging eliminated by laser technology
  • Blockage excluded by rotation technique
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Enable or disable power bell
  • Feed even without the phone
  • Power supply capacity for several days
  • Nutrient reservoir: two point six
  • Easy to install
  • Included application



Brand: Pettadore

Material: Plastic, BPA free

Color: White, Gray

Weight: 1550 gram

Dimensions: 19cm x 19cm x 32cm

Feeder content: 2.6 liter

Smart technology: Included app

Power input: DC 5V/1A

Other attributes: Possibility for batteries as a backup

Communication: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz)

Nutrition plan: Adjustable daily for a week

Suitable for dogs: Yes

Suitable for cats: Yes

Suitable for chunks between  5 - 12mm

Instruction manuals: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian