Pettadore Nutri Turn - Automatic feeder


A day away from home but still It is not possible to carry out a good feeding plan for cats. wet food, dry food, vitamins and sweets all at a different time is easy made with the Nutri Turn. You only have to use the feeder once a day filling and times can be set via the app. The automatic Nutri Turn Pettadore feeder ensures that the feeding plan is carried out. This allows you to safely away from home without having to worry about the safety and health of your dogs or cats.

The smart Nutri Turn feeder from Pettadore is a slim food bowl for cats and dogs. The automatic feeder has an app and 6 different feeding times. The app gives the possibility to set a daily eating plan with 1 to 6 adjustable feeding times.


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Customer Reviews

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Fezila William

Pettadore Nutri Turn - Voerautomaat

Ton van den Dop
Nutti turn

Helemaal happy. Dan neem ik maar het woord voor mijn 2 katertjes.. Ik moest ineens een weekend weg, op het laatste moment dit apparaat besteld. Precies op tijd geleverd en daardoor hadden mijn lieverdjes toch wat te snacken. Top.

Miriam Meijboom

Pettadore Nutri Turn - Voerautomaat

Concetta Cavallo

Super good

Monique Suykerbuyk

Mijn 2de Nutri Turn nu voor mijn kat door het succes bij de kat van mijn partner

Fresh every meal

Vary with different feed types

Modern and sleek design

App controllable

  • Daily Nutrition Plan
  • On/off bell
  • Food notification

Balanced nutrition

6 different feeding moments

Prevent overweight

Feed per portion and/or on schedule

Extra security in the event of a power failure

Possibility of backup batteries

*batteries not included

App controllable

Receive notifications and plan meals

Nutrition plan

Weekly plans at day level

Batteries backup

Extra security in the event of a power failure

Spin-through protection

Prevent entrapment of legs

Nutrition Notification

Stay up to date

Wet and dry food

Balanced nutrition

Prevent pinched legs

Spin-through protection

Provides ± 1 to 2 days

6 Trays of 170 ml

Easy cleaning

Removable tray

Animal safe operation

Anti accidental touch keys

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  • App controllable
  • 6 different feeding moments
  • Daily nutrition plan in the app
  • Nutrition notification
  • Suitable for dogs and cats
  • Even without manually administering phone power
  • Power supply capacity for one or two days
  • Easy to install
  • Included application



Brand: Pettadore

Material: Plastic, BPA free

Color: White, Gray

Feeder content: 6 trays of 170 ml

Smart technology: Included app

Power input: USB-C type

Other attributes: Possibility for batteries (4x LR14) as backup

Communication: Bluetooth

Nutrition plan: Adjustable for a day

Suitable for dogs: Yes

Suitable for cats: Yes

Suitable for all size food

Note: no adapter included from an ecological perspective